Nikola Motor full electric

Nikola Motor recently announced that it will offer in the distant future a series of full electric Semi trucks series. The company, however, does not intend to abandon the already-evolving trucks using hydrogen.

With this move, the company is expected to have a full range of zero pollutant trucks, and this move is certainly bold and impressive at the same time.

The new Nikola Motor full electric trucks will be unveiled to Nikola world sometime in 2019 and will feature three battery options. They will start from 500 kWh, with an intermediate 750 kWh, while the top version will feature a 1,000 kWh (1 MWh) battery.

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Batteries are expected to be lithium-ion technology, and we do not know there will be any improvements in energy density and overall performance.

H2 is 5,000 lbs lighter than BEV and is cheaper for long haul applications even with H2 costs. BEV is for inner cities and non weight sensitive applications. Nikola is not phasing our hydrogen at all, we will see 50:1 more hydrogen orders but some applications BEV works great.

Nikola Motor full electric
Nikola Motor full electric

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