RMK E2 Electric motorcycle with exotic design

RMK is a Finnish brand that prepares an electric motorcycle that will have very special features and impressive design. E2 is called the first model to prepare and will be an electric motorcycle that will have an aluminum frame, but on the rear wheel there will be no wheel as we know it so far on motorcycles, but the electric motor itself will be the rear wheel giving a futuristic face in construction.

The E2 electric motor has a power output of 50kW and is transported via the electric cables on the rear wheel rim. The torque of the electric motor reaches 320 NM while the ultimate speed of the motorcycle is limited to 160 km / h. According to the company, the battery will have a range of 200 or 300 km of full load and depending on the version. As for charging in just 2 hours it will need to reach 100%

RMK electric motorcycle

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Already the company has begun accepting pre-orders where the cost is at 2,000 euros. Here, let’s note that the prototype is still under construction and the purchase price of RMK E2 is expected to cost around 25,000 euros, and when the electric motorcycle is getting production approval.

Photos : rmkvehicles.com


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