Skoda : The first electric cars comes in 2019

With manufacturers showing more and more electric cars, Skoda is expected to make the first major step in 2019 to release the first pure electric car.

Skoda technical development departments are already experimenting in real-world infrastructure where electric vehicles will be charged, including experimental stations installed at the Mlada Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic.

Skoda electric cars

In the next few months and for the next few years, the Czech company plans to expand the charging infrastructure for electric cars in areas beyond the vehicle manufacturing facilities. For Skoda specific projects, approximately 3.4 million EUR was invested in 2018, with 1.65 million EUR relating to the modernization of the electricity grid. The remaining amount was spent on charging stations.

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As mentioned above, Skoda first electric car will be the electric version of citigo in 2019 and Vision E will be launched in early 2020. In the coming years, it is expected to follow other purely electric models, which is why Skoda will invest around 2 billion euros.

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