Tesla owner test the Sentry and Dog Mode

Tesla Sentry Mode and Dog Mode are two interesting features added by Tesla in the latest update. In the video that follows from YouTube channel Tesla Joy you can see how these new additions work by a Tesla Model 3 owner and some of the problems that were presented in practice.

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Description from YouTube Channel Tesla Joy :

I tested out Sentry Mode, Blind Spot Chime Warning Alert, and Dog Mode included in software update 2019.5.4 on my Tesla Model 3. Are there bugs? How can Tesla improve on these features?
Suggestions:1. Tesla should consider including an “Event Log” either in app or on web account showing when Sentry Mode was triggered and event history.2. Tesla should change wording on Dog Mode screen to say “A/C is on” instead of “heater is on” (won’t work well during summer). 
Possible bug: Dog Mode displays incorrect temperature setting.

Tesla Sentry Mode and Dog

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