This is Honda Urban EV first interior photo

Honda recently revealed the dashboard photo of it’s new electric city car. Simplicity and armony looks the interior of Honda Urban EV

And while Honda is ready in a few months to give the green light for the release of the first purely electric city car, just recently the Japanese company presented a photo showing the interior of the car. In essence, the display shows the driver’s position where it consists of a large oblong screen while the switches look relatively limited.

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The Honda Urban EV keeps virtually unchanged the Honda Urban EV Concept, and still has cameras instead of conventional mirrors. Inside it will have spacious spaces for 4 passengers with the central console having a pretty futuristic design.

Honda urban EV

On Honda’s exterior photo, the cameras remain in place of the mirrors, and the new prototype looks slightly more rounded than what the company had originally presented. It is said that the Urban EV uses a completely new platform, but there are no technical details yet. It also sounds that Honda will provide a sophisticated Power Manager in the car that will allow efficient energy storage from renewable sources.


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