This Motorcycle have electric and Wankel engine together

A team of engineers from France are working around on evolution an innovative motorcycle with electric and Wankel engine and of impressive appearance and not only. The motorcycle is called the Furion M1 and will use a Wankel rotary engine as well as electric drive and will deliver 185 horsepower as claimed by its creators.

motorcycle with electric and Wankel

If the Furion M1 was another idea for a motorcycle around an electric motor we might not even have it. It is the presence of the Wankel engine that has given us curiosity for it, since engines of this type are not just scarce on the bike, but they are now extremely rare. For history, the best-known are Norton racing bikes, most of them in the Isle of Man race, and using Wankel engines.

motorcycle with electric and Wankel

The search for the Furion M1 launch began in 2015 and the first prototype was presented in January 2018. Manufacturers promise that it will not take long until the production version comes out. The Furion M1 lines reminisce of the naked Kawasaki Z series but in their most exaggerated version. The frame is a space frame and in the front there is an upside down fork with 43 reeds, while the scissors behind is a single-blade made of aluminum.

The front and rear wheels are 17 inches with 120/70 and 190/50 tires. Larger in diameter are the 310 mm front discs with six piston radial calipers, while a rear disc with a 250 mm diameter disc. The total length of the Furion M1 is 2,095 mm, the wheelbase at 1,435 mm and the saddle height at 810 mm. With a full 16-liter tank, the Furion M1 reaches 209 pounds on the scales.

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All the above are conventional, from now on the unconventional start on the French motorcycle. Manufacturers combine a Wankel two-rotor engine with 327 cc each. The engine of just 654 cc delivers 125 hp at 9,000 and 105 Nm at 6,000 rpm. It is combined with another 100 hp electric motor, plus 60 Nm of torque.

motorcycle with electric and Wankel

Overall, the Furion M1 reaches 185 bhp and a maximum torque of 205 Nm. There is a six-speed transmission and the final transmission is via a conventional chain. The exhaust gases come out of a short – precision – precision – exhaust under the engine. There is also a spare battery on the bike, and it is not yet known whether Furion can only operate with electricity.


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