Watch Tesla Model 3 banana box test from Bjørn Nyland

How many box can a Tesla Model 3 hold in its luggage space and on interior also? Every modern family car of everyday use is designed to responding the most functional way to the demands of everyday life experienced by every owner of it. 

In the Video Followed by YouTube Channel Bjørn Nyland, the popular Model 3 is being tested on the loading of … empty bananas? boxes in the rear luggage compartment, in the rear cabin seats as well as in the front luggage compartment of Model 3.

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Description from YouTube Bjørn Nyland channel :

box Tesla Model 3

VW e-Crafter: 156/156
Nissan e-NV200: 50/50
Model X 5 seater: 10+1/28
Model S pre-facelift: 8+2/24
Model X 6 seater: 9+1/23
Audi e-tron: 8/23
Kia e-Niro: 8/22
Model S facelift: 8/22
Nissan Leaf 2018: 7/21
Kia Soul EV: 6/21
Jaguar I-pace: 6/20
Hyundai Ioniq: 6/18
Nissan Leaf 2013: 5/18
Opel Ampera-e: 5/17
Tesla Model 3: 6/17
VW e-Golf: 5/16
Hyundai Kona: 5/16
Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 3/16
VW e-up: 4/14
BMW i3: 4/14
Fiat 500e: 1/8

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