The French company Stanley Robotics has been testing the autonomous robots for many years now. A few days ago, these stand-alone vehicles began their first full-time job at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport, France. So next time we visit France, robots will be waiting at the entrance to the parking lot to take over our car.

autonomous robots

Customers park their cars in special sheds, where stand-alone dealers scrutinize vehicles to confirm their brand and model. Then one of Stanley Robotics’s robots, which is essentially a self-propelled forklift named “Stan,” moves into the hangar, puts a platform under the vehicle, hoists it and takes it to a parking space.

According to Stanley Robotics, her system uses the parking space much more efficiently than people. In addition, the company has emphasized that autonomous robot dealerships manage to place 50% more cars than the man in the same area.

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This is partly due to the robot’s driving precision, but also because the system knows when customers will return, so the vehicle is placed in the best possible parking position.

So far, Stanley Robotics has covered 500 airport parking spaces, with four autonomous robot vendors, stressing that its robots will be able to park and carry up to 200 cars a day.


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