Chinese billionaire He Xiaopeng angered Tesla’s founder

Chinese billionaire He Xiaopeng sold his online company, invested in a electric car startup and owns Tesla’s shares, drives their cars and builds a factory in China. But he is not the one you think (Elon Musk), but the Chinese billionaire He Xiaopeng, who has provoked the wrath of Tesla’s founder!

Xpeng Motors Company is at the centre of separate pipelines for theft of trade secrets, deposited by Tesla and Apple. Tesla blames one of his former engineers for stealing classified information about the automated navigation system before joining Xpeng potential, where he’s president.

‘He’ describes the accusations as “questionable”, but also adds that as he himself was an engineer he considers the theft of intellectual property an unacceptable act.

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The specific blames comes eight months after a former Apple employee was charged with attempting sensitive robotic and automotive secrets before he even got a job at Xpeng. The Chinese company itself and He have not been officially accused of illegality by Apple or Tesla.


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