New Taycan electric

According to Porsche, the new pure electric Taycan will not just be an opponent of the Tesla model S but it will be the ultimate electric driving vehicle. The German company announced that the new electric Sports car will probably be featured in the Frankfurt car saloon in September.

Porsche can not hide its optimism about the new Taycan electric progress and has revealed that demand is enormous, and orders already have exceeded 20,000, all with the contribution of a down payment as a priority guarantee of 2,500 euros.

Porsche people expect in 2025 that the brand’s annual sales will be divided by 50/50 between cars powered by thermal and / or electric engines. What does this mean practically?

Given the fact that Porsche currently sells around 250,000 cars a year, the target is that in 2025, 125,000 of them will be gasoline-powered, with the remaining 125,000 “snapping” over 60,000 plug-in hybrids and nearly 60,000 pure electric models.

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