New Kia electric prototype with attractive design

Kia has decided to present its vision for electrification in Geneva with a electric prototype showing that it exceeds any well-known category of car. “Attractive design in the automotive industry fascinates and captures the senses. We believe that in an electric car there is no reason to change that, “explains Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design at Kia Motors Europe.

Kia makes the difference and goes one step further by giving priority to the emotional field and moving from another angle to electrification. A feature of this is Imagine by Kia, the first purely four-door model of the brand.

Unlike the award-winning electric e-Niro, based on the existing Niro hybrid architecture, “Imagine by Kia” comes with a floor-mounted battery and also inductively charged, being the key element of a compact transmission system.

“Imagine by Kia” combines the sporty silhouette of a sedan with the dynamic and spacious profile of a crossover. It features an illuminated “tiger nose” mask with original LED headlamps and authentic Kia signature. “It’s a big car of Europe’s most popular category C. It looks so familiar but it’s so new,” explains Guillaume.

The large 22-inch wheels consist of four crystal inserts to light the light like a cut diamond. Guillaume and his team have made the body as aerodynamic as possible for reduced rolling resistance and wind turbulence.

Kia electric prototype

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Kia electric prototype moving system layout creates a completely different architecture compared to conventional models. There is a lot of freedom in design and in vast spaces, explains Guillaume and his team. The materials that dominate the seats are four types of leather and synthetic silk.

The digital dashboard stands out from the “free” main screen and includes 21 independent ultra-high resolution synchronized screens. “The screens create an emotional bond of yesterday, now and tomorrow. They offer information on all multimedia, navigation and air conditioning in a uniquely interactive way, “says Kluge.


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