Smart Forease Plus electric concept with a fabric roof

A smartly electric concept prototype was unveiled by Smart just before the Geneva Exhibition, and it is a special version of the speedster based on the Smart forease prototype presented in the Paris salon in 2018.

The revamped Smart forease + features redesigned front and rear bumpers, modern luminaires with three LEDs, and changes to the wheels, a shorter windshield as well as a built-in tail spoiler.

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Smart electric concept

And inside the cabin too, there are no major changes with the cut handlebar being left unchanged, while two round screens have been added to the air vents. As far as the colors are concerned, the orange nappa leather, anthracite-colored microfibre cloth is the choice that impresses. At the center of the dashboard there is also the information and entertainment system with all the connectivity capabilities.

Smart ultimate goal is to make all its models purely electrified by 2020, and to become the first brand to make the full transition from internal combustion engines to electricity.


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