SpeceX : New York-Shanghai in 39 minutes promises Elon Musk

SpaceX has made a series of successful space launches, placing space travel at the forefront of exploration. Recent developments around the company focus on UBS ”proposals”, a Swiss investment firm that believes long-haul flights will be past due to the Starship missile that will make its first trips in 2023.

While the Starship is designed to transport people to the moon and Mars, UBS executives speculate that the biggest and best opportunity offered by the missile lies in the replacement of long-distance travel to Earth. By 2030, these missiles will be able to carry out today’s 20-hour long journey linking London and Sydney in less than an hour using space.


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Starship is designed to carry only 100 passengers, so these short-haul flights between distant destinations will probably only be accessible to the rich. At the same time, the interest of UBS and SpaceX is also geared towards space tourism in Mars – a highly profitable sector – to which the Starship missile will again contribute and the incredible possibilities it offers.


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