Tesla Model 3 vs Corvette C7/Challenger Drag Race

The Tesla Model S seems to leave a worthy successor to the Drag Race, since more and more we see Model 3 racing in Drag Race, with several stronger combinations with an internal combustion engine. As we mentioned again, pure electric cars have a clear advantage with the huge and instantaneous torque they put on the road directly. 

In the Video that follows from YouTube channel Car Acceleration Channel you can see yet another Drag Race where a Tesla Model 3 Performance will try to defeat the Corvette Z06 and Dodge Challenger. Will it succeed?

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Description from YouTube channel Car Acceleration Channel :

After further input from watchers it ends up the Corvette was a modded C7 Z51 and not a Z06. -Challenger RT : 0:15 -Corvette C7 Z51 : 0:31 Friends and fellow youtubers from our other channel Daily Driven Projects went to Homestead-Miami Speedway for Fastlane Fridays 1/8th mile drag racing event. My Tesla Miami was there testing out their new Model 3 Performance.

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