This is Sono Sion solar electric car first pictures

Sono Motors is in the late stages of Sion development that will be the first solar electric production car. It has already published the first photo of the production model where it is expected to Series production will start in Q4 of 2019.

In the body of Sion, 330 photovoltaic modules are adapted and can produce a maximum power of 1,204 watts with 24% efficiency where it is enough to charge the batteries at a rate of 34 km a day! that is absolutely free and pure energy from the sun!

sion solar electric

Power is where you park it! The viSono system is a real innovation and is based on the idea of energy generated by the sun. With solar cells seamlessly integrated into the entire body, the Sion can easily charge its battery itself through the sun. Thus, under ideal conditions, up to 34 kilometers of additional range per day can be achieved with pure solar energy – CO 2 neutral and completely for free. This means full self-sufficiency on short distances. For solar integration, we use monocrystalline silicon cells that produce energy even under cloudy skies or in the shade. viSono generates up to 1.2 kilowatts at peak performance.

sion solar electric

Sion battery has a capacity of 35 kWh and, combined with solar charging, can deliver electrical autonomy that reaches 255 km according to the WLTP cycle. It also has two-way charging technology, Sion can pump, store and distribute energy, either to another car or to another electrical appliance.

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According to Sono Motors, the production of the car will start in Germany in the second half of 2019 and already 9,460 people have ordered Sion as its price starts from € 16,000 and reaches 25,500 euros.

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