Vespa Elettrica on service of the Carabinieri School

Two Vespa Elettrica scooters are now in the possession of the Carabinieri School in Florence, Italy. Two-wheelers will mainly be used to move non-commissioned officers around the barracks, which accommodate 1,700 students.

The electric Vespa will also be used on trips to the city of Florence, which “prefers electric” two-wheelers, facing a long, chronic problem with cars, parking, jamming, etc.

Also electric are ideal for around and within the historic city, since they are in fact friendly – in addition to the environment and – to tourists, and also very important that have no noise.

Vespa Elettrica scooters

Vespa Elettrica is the first Carabinieri contact with two-wheeled “zero pollutants,” and as stated in the official announcement, scooters are currently being used by the military staff of the school, but if necessary the two Vespa Elettrica could also be used for patrol at center of Florence.

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Vespa Elettrica offers autonomy of up to 100 km, thanks to the modern lithium-ion battery and efficient Energy Recovery System – KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which charges the battery during decelerations.

The battery provides efficiency for more than 1,000 charging cycles. This translates into a range between 50,000 and 70,000 km, which equates to about 10 years of operation of the vehicle in a city environment.


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