Watch electric Polestar 2 first look interior and exterior

The new pure electric car Polestar 2 of the Swedish company certainly does not pass unnoticed, since it has impressive exterior design, and its technical features are similar to an opponent from US called Tesla Model 3.

In the Video below, from YouTube channel Josip Ricov You can see a nice and detailed presentation of Polestar 2 as it was officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Description from from YouTube channel Josip Ricov :

Polestar 2 is Volvo’s separated brand focused on electric vehicles. After showing Polestar sedan, here is the 5 door space back version or just Polestar 2. Polestar 2 is hosting avant garde style so says the brand. At fist look we can see some Volvo touches and details shared by Polestar. In side center infotainment features vertical 11 inch Tesla like screen fully powered by Android OS and summoned by “Hey Goolge” AI. From first hand I can say the cars is very spaceous for 2 m (6.6) tall person. On the back there is lots of storage area, although front so called “frunk” is’nt so spaceus, but can store your charging cables, patching kit tools. Polestar will be alose fun car considering it comes with two electric engines, yes all wheel drive, producing power of 300 kW or 408 HP. Polestar 2 will launch 0 – 100 (62) is 4.7 seconds. It is packed with 78 kWh battery pack (27 modules). What is great is the range of 500 km (275 miles) on one battery charge. Considering spec od Polestar 2 it is similar to Tesal model 3 but it is offering more space and more interesting interior design. Will this be a Tesla stealer? Would you consider Polestar instead of Tesla? Tell me in the comments bellow. Price will be starting 60 K € for preorder model in Germany, and 40K for entruy model later. First deliverys are expected some time in 2020. You can order yours now online. More:

electric Polestar 2

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