Artificial intelligence for Revolt Motors electric motorcycle

Pioneering is expected to be the new electric motorcycle of Revolt Motors with Artificial intelligence features. Mr. Rahul Sharma began his career towards success as a co-founder of the Micromax mobile phone company in India.

After it grew and evolved, Sharma decided that it was time to make his next move, so he founded a new company, Revolt Intellicorp, part of which is Revolt Motors. This new company intends to deal with the manufacture of electric motorcycles and its first model is about to be released in about 2 months.

In particular, it is a small motorcycle that moves 100% of electricity and promises to stand out thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. While Revolt is preparing for the show in June, the information that comes out of its first bike is very few and largely unconfirmed, but they have a lot of interest.

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However, Autocar India found some motorcycle data from sources in the Indian service where Revolt was passing through the press approval process to be able to make a billboard legally in the country. So we learn that this is a relatively similar motorcycle with a performance equivalent to a four-stroke 125, but the interest is a combination of numbers: 100kg weight and 150km range. Not bad.

As for artificial intelligence, according to the press from India, it will focus on data management and connectivity. How these will be implemented in practice, we will probably have to wait to look at his implementation, but it is already a prerequisite that the motorcycle will be accompanied by a 4G-LTE SIM card for its connectivity.


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