Audi reduces e-tron production due to batteries shortages

Audi has already begun production of e-Tron and has become the first trades in some European markets. According to a recent report by the Belgian newspaper L’Echo, Audi will build nearly 10,000 less e-tron in 2019 compared to its initial forecast at the vehicle production unit it maintains in Brussels.

The reason for this is because of problems related to the supply of battery batteries by the Korean company LG. The newspaper, citing relevant documents confirming the above, says that at the end of this year the e-tron will reach 45,242 units, compared to the “projected” 55,830.

Audi e-Tron production

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At the Audi plant in Belgium, at the moment 160 e-trons are being manufactured on a daily basis. According to the company’s plan, this figure will be 293 vehicles per day at the end of September. The turmoil with the production of e-Tron leads to a slight delay in the presentation of the e-Tron Sportback, which will appear in 2020.

Audi planned to build 80,000 e-trons in 2020, but LG can so far only promise 40,000 batteries, Business Handbblatt reported. LG is Audi’s sole battery supplier, but the automaker is seeking supplies from other battery companies, the newspaper said.


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