BYD urban electric bus was presented in Greece

In Zappeion, a very informative briefing provided by BYD Europe Vice President, presented the 8.7 meter BYD electric Bus, which moved silently in Athens with zero pollutants and capable of carrying 58 passengers, of which 22 can sit . BYD has now delivered over 50,000 electric buses to 200 cities.

At the end of March, the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) will launch two international competitions to acquire 320 electric buses that will literally change the air of the Greek capital.

BYD electric Bus

BYD, which currently has four types of electric buses with lengths of 8,7, 12, 13 and 18 meters, will be present in the competition, as the Greek market is of great interest.

With bodywork made of aluminum, electric motors in the wheel hubs with power 250 horsepower, torque 350 Km, energy recovery system and with two hours battery charging time the urban electric bus BYD, has the ability to cover up to 200 km or so without recharging.

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The bus, after a full charge at night in the depot, has the ability to perform an entire shift. Thus, the transport operator does not need to install extra chargers on the starting points or elsewhere to recharge the batteries.


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