Elon Musk explains Model 3 driver’s mirror camera

A small feature of Model 3 models manufactured by Tesla is the installed camera above the driver’s mirror. It may not be so obvious, but it’s there and has caused several reactions.

What is its use? Why should it be in mass production vehicles? Popular CEO, Elon Musk, has decided to give a brief answer via Twitter, wanting to calm the spirits and restore peace. Besides, it is a period that Tesla has been criticized by everywhere.

In particular, Musk stressed that the existence of the camera is for the future when the Tesla taxi service – the competitor of Uber and Lyft – is put into operation. Then the drivers / participants in the service should have the basic safety data on their vehicles, one of which is the living room recording camera. 

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Musk concluded by saying that “if someone does something in your car, you can see it in a video.” The CEO’s answer is reasonable, but it is also reasonable to suspect camera secondary use in all Model 3 that will not be part of the service and will simply be a passenger.

At present, the camera above the Tesla Model 3 driver’s mirror is supposed to be off. Many will not believe the manufacturer, but in any case, one can simply cover it with a sticker and … all right.


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