Honda V-GO small easy-to-use lightweight electric scooter

The new Honda V-Go scooter is manufactured by the subsidiary (one of them because it is many) in China, the Wuyang company. The Honda V-Go has a very modern look to match the standard of the season. It is a small, convenient, easy-to-use, lightweight electric scooter, and it is also very beautiful.

The saddle is almost for one person, one and a half saddle we would say, and the simple design refers to city people in a “space” vehicle, escaping the tight marquee of the scooter. What message do we get with the Honda V-Go? That if large manufacturers start to deal with electric, the smaller ones will probably have a lot of trouble.

It has a disc brake in front, small diameter wheels, low weight as we said in pounds and an electric motor on the rear wheel. And CBS system on the brakes, with drum back. It also has a keyless system, the battery is detachable, weighs 8.5 pounds and is specially crafted to withstand shocks and falls. Its final speed is announced at 53 km/h.

Honda V-Go

Due to the motor assembly and the battery installation, the Honda V-Go achieves a correct weight distribution on the front and rear wheels. See how all the above positive elements are added and how a remarkable electric scooter is created.

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