Hyundai digital key experimenting will replaces old ones

Hyundai is moving into another application by replacing the traditional key with a “digital key” that can be downloaded through an app and used by up to four authorized people.

Each user can download the digital key through a mobile phone application, and Near Field Communication (NFC) detects the presence of an authorized mobile phone with a digital key capability approaching the door of the vehicle.

An NFC antenna for input recognition is located on the driver’s and front passenger’s door handles, and one that helps to start the engine is in the wireless charging area. After unlocking the vehicle, the user can start the engine by placing the smartphone in the charging area on the center console and by pressing the Start / Stop button on the engine.

Hyundai digital key

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Hyundai digital key can be used remotely to control selected vehicle systems via the smartphone. Using Bluetooth (BLE), users can lock and unlock their vehicle, activate the alarm and start the engine. Also when car sharing becomes more widespread, the digital key will be further programmed to support car rental without problems.

For cases such as using an emergency service or visiting a workshop where delivery of a digital key is not possible, conventional keys and card type keys are provided. Hyundai Motor Group aims to progressively apply technology to its new vehicles, starting this year.


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