Hyundai innovation evolution future steering wheel

Hyundai wants us to forget about the steering wheel of the car as we know it until now. The steering wheel in cars has not changed for many years and usually have several ergonomic switches to help the driver not distract the road.

But what would you say if touch screens are placed on it? And yeς! Hyundai did this by sketching the “cockpit” of the future.

Hyundai steering wheel

It is an original steering wheel of the Korean brand, which was seen by journalists of Top Gear and transferred their own experience together with several photos. As we can see in the pictures, the physical buttons do not exist anywhere and their position has taken two touch screens, one on the left and the other on the right side.

These are manageable with the thumbs of both hands and work with the central screen. According to Rory Reid, he noticed that when he was driving, he touched the monitors, but did not choose anything, and to do so, a stronger pressure must be exercised.

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We do not know whether Hyundai is planning to produce it in a short time, but any development that helps the driver while driving is always welcome.


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