Kawasaki H2 vs Lightning LS-218 Drag Race

This are two of the fastest motorcycles currently in circulation, but with one difference, the Kawasaki H2 has an internal combustion engine with a maximum horsepower of 200 HP, while the pure electric motorcycle Lightning LS-218 has an electric motor of 150 kW (water cooled) or 200 HP.

In the video that follows from YouTube channel Motorcyclist Magazine you can see this particular impressive juxtaposition between the two top bikes, as well as which motorcycle from the two in the end made the fastest time in this particular Drag race.

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Description from YouTube channel Motorcyclist Magazine :

Last year, Zack and Ari went to Northern California to get a story for Motorcyclist Magazine about two of the most technologically advanced and fastest motorcycles for sale today: Kawasaki’s supercharged H2 and the all-electric Lightning LS-218.

They rode around San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County, and eventually to the drag strip at Sonoma Raceway. Finally, two of the fastest street bikes available on the market today went head to head in a 1/4-mile drag. The results are plain to see.

What we should mention is that the Lightning wasn’t geared for the strip—a 66-tooth rear sprocket meant it didn’t have the mid-range punch that it could have if tuned properly. And yes, the H2 could’ve had a pipe on it (though it might not have been legal).But for two showroom-ready street bikes, it was a thrill ride. Hopefully we’ll get the two together again sometime and make a longer episode.

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