New Kia prototype electric crossover Concept

Kia revealed a new prototype electric crossover, the Habaniro Concept at the New York Motor Show. The aesthetics of the original is inspired by the Kia design center in California. Of particular interest is the silhouette with enough dynamic elements, but even more the opening of the doors upwards. Indeed the car exterior looks very impressive.

HabaNiro has a four-seater layout, while the interior design is futuristic with the external image. The feature is that the model has no screens at all, as all displays are displayed by a head-up display system. There are also no controls or switches since the operation of the functions is done with gestures on the HUDs.

As mentioned, Kia prototype electric crossover concept has self-leveling level 5 technology and when the car is in such a mode, the steering wheel and pedals are removed from the driver to create more space.

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HabaNiro follows the trend of the Crossover / SUV offering a great distance from the ground while being purely electric and four-wheeled. It has two electric motors and its batteries offer 300+ miles of autonomy with a charge.

Let’s stress that this is not a fanciful supercar that will probably never be built, but a snap look at the future of mobility where cars will simply embody design, skill, utility and creativity.


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