New teaser photos from Fisker electric crossover

Particularly enigmatic shows the new electric crossover of Fisker and after continuous publications teaser photos that leaks at regular intervals, we can see more and more details from the purely electric car of $40,000.

It Will have as its rival the Tesla Model Y with Fisker to be expected to start a commercial course in the second half of 2021.   

The new electric car has designed it himself Henrik Fisker where just like declares the company, it will have two electric motors one for each axle, which will receive the necessary energy from an 80 kWh battery. 

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Will be produced in the US but will be available in all markets of the world, with Fisker aiming to compete with the largest electric vehicle manufacturers. In an earlier statement, Henrik Fisker has revealed that the car will feature state-of-the-art Solid state batteries.

As mentioned before electric crossover Fisker is expected to enter production at the end of 2021 while deliveries to the first customers will begin in 2022. Please note that Fisker wants its electric models to be charged within minutes in the future, thanks to a generation of new batteries.


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