Nissan prepares brand new EV for Shanghai show

The brand new electric EV will feature the latest Nissan design features and offers a range of technologies incorporating the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company’s vision to change the way cars Are fed, driven and integrated into society.

Having made its debut last January at the North American International Motor Show, IMs creates a new category of vehicles, that of the elevated sports sedan. 

The vehicle design takes full advantage of the electric drive, with the battery being under the floor. The extended wheelbase “translates” into a raised, spacious cabin that allows for an innovative layout of the seats.

new EV Nissan

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In autonomous driving mode, new EV Nissan has full hands-free functionality. In normal driving, the driver enjoys an exciting high-performance driving experience that only an advanced electric vehicle can offer.

The IMQ crossover is equipped with Nissan’s e-POWER technology, which combines an electric drive system with a gasoline engine that generates electricity. Because the wheels are driven exclusively by the electric motors of the vehicle, the IMQ offers the same powerful performance as a pure electric car.

Nissan electric Concept is also equipped with the Invisible to Visible system that enables passengers to see what’s going on where their eyes can’t reach, such as behind buildings, and control how much traffic the road in front of them is and what they can do to avoid it.


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