Renault K-ZE going at the Shanghai Motor Show

Renault officially announced the introduction of the K-ZE small electric vehicle next week at the Shanghai Motor Show. The first idea we got from the K-ZE Concept at the Paris Motor Show last fall, is the first electric vehicle of the brand destined for China, but it will not just be there, as it will finally be sold to other markets.

The K-ZE looks like a Kwid from the future, with exclusive front and rear design and a dual tone color, although it remains to be seen how many of these styling elements will end up in the production version.

The K-ZE’s electric motor has not been analyzed. In fact, all we know is that it is capable of traveling for 250 kilometers, as measured in the NEDC standard. As a result, the actual driving distance could be about 200 km, or slightly less.

Renault K-ZE Shanghai

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Further details will be released on April 16, when it will officially be presented at the Renault press conference, which will start at 10:20 am. local time. However, it remains unknown whether this car, with the necessary changes, will be made available either in Europe or in the USA.


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