Tesla argues FSD computer is best chip in the world

FSD Computer is one of the biggest challenges the car industry will face in the coming years. Tesla, knowing very well that she should be one of the pioneers of this challenge, presented the new Full Self Driving (FSD) computer known as Autopilot Hardware 3.0, yesterday in the “Tesla Autonomy Day“.

As the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has revealed, the new Chip is already framing all Model S and Model X from March and as early as April 12, it also frames Model 3, while in terms of capabilities it has claimed to be the best Chip in the world.  He also said that Tesla would offer some adjustments to the current Tesla owners who bought the full autonomous driving package in the coming months.

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Musk and Pete Bannon, head of Tesla’s Autopilot Hardware, explained with great clarity about the new powerful computer, and Tesla’s CEO described Bannon as the best Chip architect he knows. In fact, the new Tesla FSD Computer in frame per second processing is 21 times faster than what it replaces.

Bannon also said the hardware costs are 20% less per car than Autopilot 2.5 while Musk added that the new Chip designed by Tesla will be produced by Samsung and there will be no supply problems . He also said they are already working in the next generation Chip and will be three times better than the current one.


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