Tesla Model 3 has better efficiency than Honda Accord ?

What makes an electric car like the Model 3 high efficiency compared to thermal cars? Usually consumers when it comes to buying an electric car, the first parameter is this price, and of course it is a inhibitory factor compared to conventional cars (ICE).

Is that right? or electric cars in use are ultimately cheaper than conventional as long as the years go by?

Model 3 efficiency

In the following video, YouTube channel Tesla Canuck attempts to solve this question, and for comparison there is a Tesla Model 3 (BEV) and a Honda Accord Sport 2.0 (ICE). What do you think?

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Description from YouTube channel Tesla Canuck :

Even with a ~$10,000 advantage in acquisition cost, the Tesla Model 3 (base model) is easily the better deal than the Honda Accord Sport 2.0 when considering a 5 year ownership horizon. According to Autotrader, the average person keeps their car for ~6 years, so the Tesla Model 3 looks even better than a 5 year TCO would suggest. All things being equal, buy the Tesla Model 3 if you are considering the Honda Accord Sport 2.0 or similar.

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