Three Italian students designed the Vespa of the future

Three Italian students, Bernardi, La Coppola and Ortile, who studied industrial design, who in their thesis design a Vespa for its 70 birthday, but few saw their work.

Having first put “on a paper” The parameters that would characterize the design, such as usability, Italian, social, youthful, traditional, smart, simple, cool, fashionable, etc. They started sketching.

Three Italian students

After the sketches, the colors began to collapse and the ideas were based on the latest technology, such as the rear wheel – when the scooter stops – can be detached from the rest of the body and act as a single-wheel, like Segway. Wonderful!

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Three Italian students

Also, because the scooter is electric, and therefore the engine of diminished dimensions, there is storage under the saddle, as you will see in the photos. If you want to talk about the “killing” detail, take a look at the “crown-hoof” of the projector that is cut. Top proposition we have never seen before.


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