VW tested autonomous vehicles in Germany roads

Volkswagen has expanded autonomous vehicles technologies that are expected to affect the automotive industry. The German giant has already developed electric vehicles while investing huge amounts of autonomous driving.

Specifically, Volkswagen has been approved, and after BMW, it will be the next manufacturer to test electric and self-driving vehicles on the streets of Germany.

First stop is Hamburg, where the customized VW Golf vehicles will circulate with high level autonomy systems, as well as experimental electric motors. It is Worth noting that the Golf models will carry a Level 4 autonomy, which is also the case with those of BMW. In the First place, the cars will carry out a specific three-kilometer route to Hamburg. 

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Over time, they will be extended to more parts of the city, as well as to other parts of Germany. For example, BMW is testing in Munich, a possible future Volkswagen target in the future. Whatever the case, company makes a lot of progress and with the approval it received it becomes obvious.

Autonomous vehicle technology will be the key to the automotive industry in the future. That is why we have recently seen a great mobilisation of car-makers, and not only, in investing huge amounts, in this technology.


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