Why this guy hates his Tesla Model 3 so much?

Jason Fenske (Engineering Explained) added to his own video a great deal of humor describing “5 Reasons I hates My Tesla Model 3” and does it in a very sarcastic way and with great ingenuity explaining one by one the points hates in Tesla Model 3.

Surely out there in the YouTube community you can find a lot of videos about Tesla Model 3, but some of them really stand out according to the humorous mood that this creator can add.

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Description from YouTube channel Engineering Explained :

Here’s five reasons why I hate my Tesla Model 3 Performance. When I bought the car, I didn’t realize how little range it would have, how much maintenance it would require, what it would sound like, how safe it would be, and how slow it would be. That’s because I don’t actually think when I buy cars, I simply buy whatever I think will get me views on YouTube. 

It turns out, Teslas are great for that, but bad at everything else. I hate everything about my Tesla Model 3. In this video we’ll go as in depth as you can imagine an influencer’s brain allows for, giving you almost no detail as to why I think the way I do. Smash all the buttons and thumbs up, 10 million likes and I’ll sell my Crosstrek. And buy nine supercars! I’m not compensating for anything, promise!

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