Affordable electric urban car from Chinese BYD

BYD continues strongly to extend in electric cars and the last creation is an affordable electric urban car with name e1. It is a small electric car with impressive exterior appearance and good technical characteristics. Its great advantage is its price where after subsidies ranges from 59,900-79,900 yuan ($8.450-$11.270)

BYD E1 is equipped with a large enough battery 32.2 kWh, which should be good for up to 305 kilometers (190 miles) on a single charge. The 45 kW electric motor is one of the smallest in EVS, but provided it does not exceed 50 km/h (31 mph) in the city centers, it should reasonably adequately cover the requirements.

affordable electric urban car

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BYD e1 car specs:

  • 32.2 kWh battery
  • Up to 305 km (190 miles) of all-electric range or 360 km (224 miles) at best at a low constant speed
  • 0–50 km/h (31 mph) in 5.9 seconds
  • 30–80% charging in 1.5 h
  • System output of 45 kW and 110 Nm of torque
  • Dimensions: 3465×1618×1500
Range EPA N/A
Range NEDC 305 km (190 miles)
Range WLTP N/A
Battery pack capacity 32.2 kWh
Max charging power (AC) 7 kW
Max charging power (DC) 60 kW
Avg. charging speed (DC) ~398 km/h
Top speed 101 km/h (63 mph)
Engine power 61 hp (45 kW)
Engine torque 110 Nm ( lb-ft)
Efficiency 11 kWh/100 km
Drive type FWD
Motor type Permanent-magnet


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