Can the Tesla Model 3 justify the word ‘Performance’ ?

In each car model there is a “fast” version, just like in Tesla Model 3 we find the version ‘Performance ‘ and the word itself says it all. This electric car has 450hp and a stunning acceleration that can reach 3.2 sec at 0-60mph.

Can Model 3 P satisfy the highly demanding drivers in terms of driving? as we call enthusiasts. In the video below from YouTube channel EatSleepDrive, we hope to find the answers.

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Description from YouTube channel EatSleepDrive:

Last week I covered the ‘regular’ Tesla Model 3 and it was great.  But what if you’re like me, and you want more performance?  Well, Tesla makes a  version for just that, aptly named the Model 3 Performance, and this week I have a go.

model 3 performance

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