Citroen 19_19 electric concept with 800 km range

The reason for Citroen 19_19 concept, an prototype electric car that if ever reaches the lines of mass production, will be addressed to those who want a futuristic, economical and efficient transportation solution that of course will come with the corresponding cost.

Citroen member of the Groupe PSA since 1976, the French company has pioneered oftentimes in areas of automotive. Celebrating the 100 years since its founding, Citroen presented a concept vehicle that magnetizes the eyes directly.

The 19_19 incorporates a fully electric motor with a 100kWh battery that theoretically allows it to carry up to 800 (almost) mileage with a charge! As for horsepower, she impresses, after touching the 456 horses. Thus, the vehicle will be able to carry out the 0-100 in 5 seconds, with a top speed of 200 km/h, lower than the expectations of friends of fast driving.

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Citroen electric concept

The Citroen 19_19 has been equipped with all the latest technologies, such as wireless charging when it passes over points that feed the battery with power. The interior looks like… spaceship, as (admittedly) and the whole car. It is worth noting that Citroen has incorporated autonomous driving sensors into the model, but they will not offer a high level of autonomy.


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