First Greek urban electric vehicle under preparation

ASTY is one of the first electric vehicle development programs in Greece that is also comprised of Greek engineers/designers. It is a project that emerged mainly through the MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2019, but has been in effect for a few years.

The general proposal of the ASTY concerns the construction of small electric vehicles of the city, category L7e (based on the framework of the European Union). Cars will look more like Daimler’s Smart models than big family passenger.

Greek electric vehicle

The Greek electric vehicle ASTY project aspires to establish a company in Greece that will manufacture domestic small city vehicles with electric motors. The municipality of Chaidari has already in its plans the installation of chargers of electric vehicles in the central square of the city, giving the example in other areas of Athens (but also the country) that have not already done so.

For the time being, the team that makes up the ASTY has developed an original prototype (with the base and engines) and is working on the implementation of the complete vehicle in order to calculate its production cost.

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In Greece, electric mobility is still at extremely low levels. This initiative such as the ASTY project may provide the necessary impetus for greater penetration of electric vehicles in cities already suffering from big pollution.

Greek electric vehicle


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