Lilium flying taxi

Lilium, a Munich-based startup, on-demand flying taxi services, unveiled on Thursday the prototype of its five-seat flying cab for the first time. As the company pointed out in a statement, the presentation of Lilium Jet was made after the maiden flight of the electric aircraft in the skies of Germany earlier in the month.

The prototype is in physical size, has the normal weight of the final air taxi, and is powered by 36 electric jet engines that allow it to takes off and land vertically. The Lilium Jet has no tail, rudder, propellers or gearbox, the engine clusters are the only moving parts. Lilium maintains that Lilium Jet has 300 km/h maximum speed and 300 km of autonomy, which owes it to the design of a fixed wing.

Lilium flying taxi

Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and CEO of the company, said

In less than two years we were able to design, construct and successfully fly an aircraft that would act as our model for mass production. Going from two to five places has always been our ambition, as it allows us to open the skies for many more passengers. Whether they are friends or families who fly together or business travelers who do ride-sharing in the city, the existence of five places provides economies of scale that simply cannot be achieved with two. The Lilium Jet is beautiful and we were glad we saw it in the sky for the first time. With the perfect balance of range and speed, our aircraft has the potential to positively influence the way people choose to live and travel around the world.

The flight test carried out by Lilium Jet was actually a low levitation of some seconds (about 1:46), but fully induced. Lilium’s plans for Lilium Jet surpass the simple movement of an air taxi or a fully electric flying vehicle.

Lilium plans to create its own air taxi service. In fact, according to the company, the air taxi service will be available in different cities around the world until 2025, while the first tests will take place earlier.

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