Mercedes plug-in hybrid

Mercedes-Benz will present for the 2019 the plugin hybrid (PHEV) versions of A-Class and B-Class, information confirmed by Ola Källenius, head of the R & D Division of Mercedes, at the Mercedes-Benz Geneva press conference.

Mercedes has not yet given formal technical details for the plugin hybrid, but according to the internal sources, the plugin hybrid version will use the four-cylinder 1.3 liter engine and 163 horsepower, and will include electric 90 horsepower performance engine.

The petrol engine will move the wheels to the front axle, while the electric unit will be positioned on the rear axle in order for the model to offer movement on all wheels. The petrol-powered unit is already available in version A 200 and the new hybrid plug-in will be known as A 250e 4Matic.

In addition, sources argue that the Germans think of a more restrained version of the hybrid system plugin, with the same electric motor of 90 horsepower, but with 1.3 horsepower version of the Turbo 1.3 liter.

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