Renault EZ-POD : Electric and self driving urban car

The market for mobility services appeared about ten years ago with forecasts amounting to nearly EUR 11 billion in 2020. Renault reveals EZ-POD, an exploratory electric and autonomous vehicle for short-distance travel.

Renault EZ-POD

Designed for people transportation or distribution, the Renault EZ-POD maximizes use in relation to the space needed (3 m2). Like electric scooters (for which regulations continue to evolve) or cycling, the Renault EZ-POD is a micro-mobility solution of limited speed. It is also autonomous, inclusive and completely safe.

The Renault EZ-POD is a functional demonstration vehicle that allows exploring new uses for stand-alone vehicles without drivers.

Renault EZ-POD

Built over the frame of Twizy, the Renault EZ POD is inspired by the lines of the EZ-GO concept car and the EZ-PRO platform concept. The choice of a fully electric platform like Twizy highlighted the technical challenge of creating a compact design that eliminates the driver’s cockpit and incorporates autonomous technology.

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The EZ-POD is equipped with a camera and a Lidar front to sweep the scene in front, as well as the short and wide radar located behind the shiny black front and rear casing of the car. Finally, there are two antennas and a GPS on the roof, for real-time positioning and connectivity.

Self driving urban car EZ-POD, designed primarily as a robotic automated platform for the provision of first and last mile transfers, can also be provided in the delivery version of goods.


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