The BMW i8 Roadster Formula E Safety Car for 2019

The championship of Formula E acquired a new safety car and its revelation was made just before the most famous Grand Prix in the calendar. BMW unveiled the i8 Roadster Safety Car at the “Yacht Club de Monaco” opening new roads as the brand new safety car is the first to be used with an open cabin!

As far as conversions are concerned, only the essentials have been made so that he can perform his duties safely and successfully. The most basic and obvious changes relate to the reduction of the height of the windscreen and the placement of a large, fixed rear air incision but the mechanics did not stop there. 

The Formula E safety car is equipped with a (FIA-approved course) roll-cage and its center of gravity is located 15 millimeters closer to the ground. Finally, it has the M Carbon Ceramic Brakes, new splitter and it is needed as Safety Car – i.e. lights, communication antenna, GPS antenna, camera to show passengers what is happening behind and an extensive communication system.

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For in motion, it takes care of a turbocharged, 231 horsepower three-cylinder petrol engine and 320 Nm of torque combined with two electric motors for a combined performance of 374 horsepower.


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