This Tesla Model X received the Swiss police

Tesla Model X is expected to serve very soon the police authorities in Basel, Switzerland with a fleet of seven in total electric cars. The first of these is already on duty. Many have been surprised by the choice of local police authorities to buy and integrate such an expensive patrol car into their fleet.

The city authorities, located at the three-nation point on the Swiss, French and German borders, argue that this market will bring significant savings in money, despite the “high” initial investment (43,000 euros on average).

This is because an electrically powered model provides against conventional significantly lower overall operating and maintenance costs and higher resale value.

Tesla Model X police

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As the Swiss city police authorities have said:

The Basel police will replace the diesel vehicles with the electric Tesla Model X-100D, which satisfies both the economic and environmental protection criteria, also having a large payload and ample storage space. It also stands out for its very good handling characteristics for use as a vehicle of emergency and persecution. The total cost of ownership is lower, despite the higher initial cost compared to today’s cars. The planned replacement with the Tesla Model X-100D brings several advantages in terms of efficiency, practicality and ecology


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