VW e-Golf wins Hi-Tech EKO Mobility Rally 2019

The particularly EKO Mobility Rally 2019, which is under the auspices of FIA and is included in the official Kalentari of the FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup, was organized by the Hellenic Institute of Electric Vehicles, on the weekend 4-5 may, in Attica.

The start was given on Saturday afternoon from Kotzia Square, in the centre of Athens, with crews covering a total distance of almost 330 kilometres, spread over 4 parts, before the checkered flag of the finish again in Kotzia Square, the afternoon of Sunday.

The electric model of Volkswagen, the official participation of Kosmocar in the race and with their crew Alex Stricher and Adrien Da Cunha Belves, dominated conquering 1st place both in the general ranking as in both sub-categories, those of consumption Energy and regularity, something that happens for the first time in the twelve-year history of the institution.

In fact, a second e-Golf, with crew Thomas Papapascho and Yiannis Harpides, winners of last year’s race, won 2nd place in the energy consumption arm of the race.

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Furthermore, the new FIA regulations were inaugurated for these races which predict at the end of the year the awarding of two World Cups, one for the Regularity type races and one for the lowest possible energy consumption during these of the races.

The Hi-Tech EKO Mobility Rally 2019 was very interesting in terms of participations, as it gathered well-known crews from abroad, with international scrolls.

Among them, the French world champions of the FIA World New Energy Championship for 2018, Didier Malga and Anne Bonnel with Tesla Model 3 and the Kofler – Olivoni and Guerrini – Calchetti with two Audi e-tron. Overall, the launch flag saw 13 electric (BEV) vehicles, including one Jaguar I-Pace, one Nissan Leaf, three BMW i3 with Range Extender and two Zhidou D2S.


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