Model S driver

Tesla vehicles usually behaves very well on safety sector during road accidents. Of course, among the models is the Model S, an electric car that is considered extremely safe and is among the best in its class.. Unfortunately, this proved in practice, after a fatal conflict in Spain.

Specifically, on a motorway of the Valdrera in Barcelona, a Tesla Model S collided frontal with another sedan. In charge of the accident is the second vehicle, which initially came into contact with the front car of the Model S.

But the possible collision was with the electric Tesla model, dissolving the front part (the “face”) of both. Unfortunately, the driver of the sedan did not stand lucky and lost his life.

The Model S driver came out of the vehicle intact without being injured. While both cars were dissolved front, the Tesla withstood much better in the collision, “ensuring” the health of the passengers.

It is worth noting that initial assessments wanted the Model S to be in charge of the collision, with suspicion of an autopilot error. But a video was released by security camera (and you can see above) testifies what really happened. Tesla’s driver is not responsible.


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