Buying a new Tesla Model 3 or an used Audi A4 ?

How efficient are pure electric vehicles? Buying a new Tesla Model 3 saves more than a used conventional car?

More and more buyers acquire a pure electric car since it is a vehicle of zero pollutants, it needs minimal periodic maintenance and the cost of travel compared to conventional cars is significantly less. In the Video that follows from YouTube channel Shelby Church, you can see in a very pleasant presentation where she has a dilemma in buying a new Tesla Model 3 or an Audi A4 (2017) used.

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Description from  YouTube channel Shelby Church :

In today’s video I decide whether or not to buy a Tesla Model 3! I’ve been eyeing this car for a while, and since it’s so different from all the other cars out there, I decided to rent it for a day to see if it was really what I wanted. At the end of the video, I actually do buy a new car so stay tuned to see what I bought!

As you can see in this video, I was debating between getting a used Audi A4 (2017) or a new Tesla Model 3. I probably would have been open to a used Tesla had it been available, but the car is still pretty new that no one is really selling it at a discounted price yet.
After really looking into the costs, I realized the Telsa Model 3 was still more expensive than the A4, but not by much.

For the cheapest Tesla Model 3, after tax and registration, it will cost you $46,622.
However, if delivered before July 1, in the state of CA you get $6,250 in tax incentives. This brings the cost down to $40,372. Tesla estimates that you will save between $4,000-5,000 on gas in 5 years, so that brings the cost of owning the car closer to $35,000~.
Additionally, the new Tesla Model 3’s have a 4 year warranty AND 8 year battery warranty. I’ve talked to some Tesla owners (Model S’s that have had the car a few years) and they’ve paid little to nothing for maintenance.

For a used Audi A4, with decently low miles in CA, it’d be about $25,000. After tax and registration, it’s closer to $28,000. Over the next 5 years, it being a used car, it would definitely need some maintenance- I’m guessing at LEAST $2,000 (oil changes, brakes?, tires, etc), so cost of owning is closer to $30,000. This doesn’t even factor in the cost of premium gas. My sister has a 2017 A4 and spends about $200/mo on gas- that’s $12,000 in 5 years!

When I really looked at it, the cost of the Tesla was still more, but not THAT much more to own. And for the incredible technology you get (autopilot!!!) I think it’s worth it! I mean really, what other car gets software updates?! Tesla says by 2020 the car will be FULLY self driving (in limited areas for an additional cost). I just think that no other car company can really touch what Tesla is doing right now.

Buying a new Tesla

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