Can Tesla Model 3 overcome other sports cars?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance features technology that many sports cars with a thermal motor would like to have. On the other hand, in the category that “plays” the Model 3 there are particularly worthy opponents.

Electric cars have an important advantage in the way they put power on the road since the electric motor has an exceptionally direct performance in comparison with conventional cars. But can pure electric cars also offer sport behavior?

In the video that follows from YouTube channel Matt Maran Motoring you can see impressions of the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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Description from YouTube channel Matt Maran Motoring :

I finally review a Tesla, the Performance Model 3. The insane acceleration makes for similarly insane reactions, but how does the rest of the Model 3 measure up to other $60,000 cars? Hear my thoughts in the video and let me know your thoughts below!

Model 3 sports cars

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