Damon electric motorcycle haves advanced innovations

Damon electric motorcycle is expected to bring new air to the world of two wheels as it will have many technological innovations.

The Canadian startup company Damon Motorcycles recently announced that it secured funds of 2.5 million dollars for the technologically advanced motorcycles it intends to construct.

We have seen this work before, and it is too early to say whether Damon Motorcycles’s effort is fruitful or ends up stumbling on their ambitious pursuits, as was done with Skully.

Damon electric motorcycle

The prototype electric motorcycle of the brand will bring among other things the following technological innovations. Monitoring of adjacent vehicles through sensors, radar and cameras and warning of the rider so visually (with LED light in the gelatin of the fering) as well as tactile, through vibration at the steering wheel, for possible collision risk.

The company talks about “viewing 360 degrees” and advanced warning system for motorcycles, which works by monitoring the direction and speed of 64 items each time.

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Transformation of the motorcycle, somewhat like Yamaha Morpho or Kawasaki concept J, with the clip on getting up or coming down, and with the jelly, the sills and the saddle changing the rider’s driving posture.  Send telemetry data from driving motorcycles to the company’s cloud to be used later to improve rider safety.


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