Electric flying car from American-Israeli ASKA

This electric flying car, uncovered a few days ago, is still in concept, but NFT provides a number of elements on its website: it can carry up to three people and will operate with rechargeable batteries, using Hybrid engine.

Its creators characterize this electric flying car, “eVTOL” (Electric Vertical take-Off and Landing): The Aska of the American-Israeli startup NFT is a vehicle which, when it has its wings folded, is used as a normal car.

However, as the New Atlas says, when the time comes to take off, the wings unfold, revealing 10 rotors which are embedded in the main chassis of the vehicle.

electric flying car

Combined with two more on the back and two in the wings, these rotors provide the required impulse to take off the Aska and reach the desired height, where it begins to fly as a fixed wing aircraft. When the landing time comes, the same procedure is followed, vice versa.

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The company promises comfortable travel in the air and on the road, without the need to switch vehicles, while it is underlined that it can move autonomously in air and ground, and to reroute itself, in order to choose the appropriate landing area Depending on the weather, traffic or other preferences and data.


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