Ford recycles plastic water bottles in car carpets

Extremely ecological, the way Ford discovered that millions of plastic water bottles could have a second life. Since 2012 Ford launched EcoSport for the first time around the world, it has given a new life cycle to more than 650 million bottles of 500-ml, weighing roughly 8,262 metric tons.

 Ford plastic water bottles

 The carpets of each EcoSport leaving the Ford factory production line are manufactured from 470 disposable recycled plastic water bottles. Since the first time recycled plastic was used in Mondeo more than 20 years ago, Ford recycles worldwide 1.2 billion bottles a year.

The transformation of the plastic into a car carpet first includes the fragmentation in tiny pieces of both the bottles and their lids. Then, the pieces are heated to 260 °C and melt before they are shaped into fibers with a width comparable to a human hair.  These fibres go through a spinning process from which the yarn used as a component of the carpets arises.

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